CJ shopping mall & lotte suck at customer service

2018-11-26 17:07

안녕 하세요, 

Hi, I am a foreigner living in Seoul. Today really I was so mistreated by CJO Shopping and the lotte store on its webpage. 

Here is the story: I ordered a Sisley down coat gray color size 66 on the famous CJO shopping mall on Nov. 21st, last Tuesday. On the same day I called them and made sure that they got my money and would ship me what I ordered by Nov 27th. I was waiting and waiting, the status was forever"상품준비중". During the waiting time I left a msg on Friday again asking them to ship me a new one. They replied me on Saturday saying pls do not worry and they would definitely ship me a new one. 

Then today, Nov 26th, I called them in the morning asking if they would ship the coat to me today or tomorrow. Then later I got a call from them. Instead of telling me when to ship it to me, they asked me to refund cos it was sold out. I was confused first. Cos when I ordered it on last Tuesday night there were still 9 left, which were all of my size and color. And I ordered last wednesday. Till now they told me to refund ??? Then who did they sell those coats to? Why it took them so long to figure out there is stock or not? I said I couldnt accept this and then they told me that a 팀장님 was gonna call me to explain more. Ok i ll be waiting. 

Then the 팀장called me , basically he was asking me if I would love to receive the smaller size instead or just refund. I then asked why it is like this because when I ordered there were definitely 9 left.  And also it took you soooo long to figure out that there was none for me? I couldnt accept this. Is it because I used coupon to buy this down coat at a much cheaper price but CJO or lotte just wants to sell to others at a much higher price? Actually I found out that right after I paid for this gray color down coat, Lotte made a new link only selling this color at a higher price. But on the old link through which I bought that coat, the gray color was gone. Not sold out, just got deleted. 

But it is so unacceptable and I was so upset. I have been waiting since last Wednesday. They could have told me when I left msgs to them on their website several times that they didnt want to ship it to me. But instead they just kept telling me that they would ship it out by 27th. Isnt this 사기? I hope korean shopping websites can be honest and more trustworthy. Do what they say they would do. If it is out of stock then it is their fault not mine and they are supposed to tell me on that day I ordered. Please tell me what I should do? I have been shopping online in US, China and Korea. And this is the first time I run into this circumstance. I really feel that they just want to sell the coat to other people at a much higher price so they kicked me out. This is not acceptable and I hope Korean customer association can help me figure out what to do next. Thank you! 

For your reference, if you need my order no., the phone no. through which they called me, and anything else, for privacy reason, please send me an email or call me with the information I register on this website.

Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

안녕 하세요, 제 한국어 잘 못해서 양해 부탁 드립니다. CJ오쇼핑 하고 롯데 한테 진짜 나쁜일이 당합니다. 소비자 협회 한테 도움을 달라고 요청 드리고 싶습니다. 

제가 지난주 수요일에 CJO shopping mall에 시슬리 다운코트를 주문 했습니다. 그날 바로 문의 했는데, 27일 까지 배송 될거라고 대답 했습니다. 목요일에 도, 금요일에 도 문의 했는데, CJmall는 걱정 없이 배송 될 예정이라고 했습니다(사진 참고). 그런데, 26일에 다시 물어봤는데, 환볼 하라고 했네요! 재고 없다고 했네요! 

제가 지난주 수요일 아침에 주문할때 분명히 9개 남았있다고 보이고, 또 롯데는 CJmall에 다른 link에서 같은 제품은 더 비싼 가격이로 팔고 있었습니다. 혹시 제가 가격 올라가기전에 샀으니까, 저쪽에 더 많은 돈을 벌고 싶어서 저 한테 거절하시는 거예요? 저는 진짜 이런 느낌을 들어요. 그리고, 제가 수요일에 주문 했는데, 왜 이번주 월요일 에 재고 없더고 하세요? 전에 계속 보낼거라는 메시지 보내 주셨잖아요! 사가 치지 마세요. 저는 진짜 이런일이 처음 당해요. 미국에도, 중국에 도, 한국에 도 , internet쇼핑 많이 했는데, 한국에 이런일이 생기는거 진짜 생각 못했어요. 

어떻게 해여 한지 저 한테 의견 좀 주세요. 부탁 드립니다. 

감사 합니다. 

CJ mall 에 제 주문번호,전화등 필요하시면, 저 한테 메일나 전화로 통해 연락 주시가 바랍니다. 감사 합니다.

회신 부탁 드립니다. 

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